Services we provide

Eye Examinations

​A comprehensive eye examination at the Katz Eye Center is comprised of 3 main areas of testing:


  • Ocular health and physical measurements
  • Measurement of the powers of the eye (nearsighted, farsighted, astigmatism) and determination of the appropriate powers to render optimal acuity and comfort
  • Measurement of the eye positioning, binocular coordination, and near focusing ability to evaluate the efficiency, accuracy, and comfort associated with processing visual input.

Low Vision

Low vision is a sub specialty in eye care that addresses a decreased ability to attain an adequate level of acuity that arises from eye disease, systemic conditions, or genetic disorders. Patients in need of low vision eye care may have macular degeneration, diabetes, hypertension or any of a vast array of other ocular, medical, or genetic conditions. Dr. Katz specializes in customized magnification lenses or systems to help maximize all usable vision available. 

Vision Therapy

​Vision therapy is analogous to physical therapy for the eyes and brain. It is a highly effective non-surgical treatment for many common visual problems such as lazy eye, crossed eyes, double vision, convergence insufficiency, eye muscle imbalances, and many reading and learning disabilities. Dr. Katz is one of a few practitioners in the Chicago area that specializes in the diagnosing and retraining of children's visual systems to remedy learning disabilities.

Contact Lenses

Dr. Katz specializes in the fitting of soft and rigid contact lenses, including specialty lenses that address astigmatism, the need for addition reading correction, keratoconus, and other corneal irregularities. There are a tremendous amount of lenses available today and Dr. Katz has the full spectrum of lenses available to customize the fit of contact lenses to each patient.

Glasses, Lenses and Frames

​The Katz Eye Center has an optical boutique featuring top quality fashionable frames. A high priority in selecting the frames in our boutique is the ability to customize the fit of the frames and offer replacement parts should anything break. We also offer only the best quality of lenses with regard to optics, durability, and specialty coatings. Dr. Katz personally helps each patient select the most appropriate lenses and frames for their needs.

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